Vision & Values

We believe that a church is not the building - it’s the people

Every person is valuable to God and has a purpose and a destiny. We realise that, in today's changing and challenging world, it is not enough just to know what the Bible says; people need to live and experience what is seen in scripture.

We want to enable people to reach their God-given potential and to realise their purpose and value. It is not just our vision; it is God's vision - for people to belong, grow and thrive in a loving and active community.

  • Humility: we recognise God's vision for the community and are dependent upon His guidance to bring it to life.
  • Enthusiasm: we want you to enjoy being part of Amberley Road and to realise the rewards that being part of the family can bring.
  • Attitude: we understand attitudes towards church today are not always good ones and we want to try to change them to positive ones.
  • Relationships: we want to be there for you, helping you to build relationships with others and with God.
  • Trust: we trust that God has a plan for each and every one of us – we want to help you to understand God's plan for you

We want to reach out to people of all ages and all backgrounds to build a community committed to Christ and to each other.

We worship God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - because we believe we were created for worship.

You only need to look around us to recognise how awesome and incredible our world is; from every star and planet down to the tiniest newborn's fingerprint. We believe that our loving God designed and created the entire universe; the bits we know about and those we've yet to discover. To think that all of this could have happened by accident and that we all evolved from pond life by chance is, frankly, much harder to believe